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RealMe Coms is a Singapore-based Company combining Communications Consulting and Coaching services with a particular service on LinkedIn Profile Optimisation. RealMe Coms services are based on its founder's expertise in Corporate Communications and Personal Development.


Our Services

We bring our whole Knowhow, Expertise and Commitment to support your Goals

RealMe Coms is helping Business Leaders to identify the components of their personal brand and to use it in their communications. Services are Communications Consulting and Coaching with a complementary service on LinkedIn Profile Optimization. Its services are based on its founder's expertise in corporate communications and personal development.

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LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

Set up your Digital Identity and Make it Yours!

One on One Coaching Sessions
Profile Writing
Follow-up meetings
LinkedIn Basics Training

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

One on One Coaching

Treat Yourself to a Confidential Moment of Sharing

A Confidential Space to Share and Get Feedbacks 

Figure out Ways of Improvement 
Talk about your Concerns in a Safe Place

Set Up your Goals 

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Communications Consulting

Benefit from Expertise and Reliability

One on One Advisory Service
Outside perspective from a Communications Expert
Clear View of the Plan and the Process
Assessment and Reporting

We listen to you first and offer you a first needs assessment.


Your Partner for Communications

I help Business Leaders identify their Personal Brand Components and use them in their Communications.

Hey, my name is Fayrouz Yataghane. I am a communications consultant and a coach, leveraging a strong expertise in Corporate Communications to advise CEOs on their Personal Communications. Very customer-centric and consistently committed to deliver premium services, I  accompany my clients at every time they need effective communications to support their goals.


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+65 84263603

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