Personal Branding for CEOs

Find the Right Balance on Communicating About Yourself

RealMe Coms helps you Identify the Fundamentals of your Personal Brand and Communicate it Effectively. Through a step by step process, combining coaching and consulting, I guide you towards a meaningful communication based on your personality, story and purpose.


I help you build your Strategic Communication

Make it yours

Personal Branding is not about promoting yourself, it is much more exciting than that. It's a process starting by identifying your strengths and learn how to let people know about it. 

If you want to take your place in your professional environment, take charge of your career, develop professional projects that correspond to your true aspirations, you need a personal communication strategy. 

Let me help you!

I listen to you first to pick up your strengths and core values and build a communications strategy based on your personality, story and purpose. I help you draw it from yours strengths and talents, making it authentic, compelling and powerful. 

Personal Branding is a long-term process. I help you clarify your vision, plan the steps to move forward with your communications and make your personal brand a strategic asset in professional life.

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Get started with your Communications

You may need to start with LinkedIn or Clarify you Communications Needs. I make it happen within a few guidance sessions. 

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LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

Improve the way you communicate about yourself, get comfortable and aligned with what you share and showcase. 

  • One on One Coaching Sessions

  • Profile Writing

  • Follow-up meetings

  • LinkedIn Basics/Advanced Training

Personal Branding Coaching

Clarify your vision and plan the steps to move forward with your Communications and Personal Branding Strategy.

  • One on One Coaching Sessions

  • Advisory and Feedbacks

  • Contents Production

  • Follow-up Meetings

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Communications Consulting

Get advice and support in confidence to meet a specific challenge or deal with a particular situation.

  • One on One Advisory Service

  • Outside perspective from a Communications Expert

  • Clear View of the Plan and the Process

  • Assessment and Reporting

Communications Strategy and Plan

Review your corporate communications and take more effective, business-focused action.

  • Buisness Review and Analysis.

  • Communications Assessment and Recommandation.

  • Contents Production

  • Planification and Process Optimisation.


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My purpose is to listen and understand your specific needs and particular challenges. I meet with you first in order to frame the best service proposal.

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