Communication is Yours

Clarify your Personal Brand. 
Get Energised and Confident when communicating about Yourself
Communicate Effectively Towards your Goals.

Through a step by step process, combining consulting and coaching, I guide you towards a meaningful communication based on your personality, story and purpose

I listen to you first within a free session.

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Communication to support your goals

Fayrouz Yataghane

Founder and Director of RealMe Coms

"Communication is all about interacting with people who might play a role in your business or career. Finding the right way at the right time to get a message to them leads you to incredible opportunities."


Communications Services

You may need to start with LinkedIn or Clarify your Communications Needs.

I make it happen within a few guidance sessions.

I meet you first in order to:

- Identify the components of your personal/corporate brand.
- Clarify your business objectives
- Formulate actions to take, content to produce.
- Establish a timeline to get things done.

Since I only provide customised services to my clients, this process can be adapted according to the objective that we will determine together during our discussions.

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LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

Set up your Digital Identity

Improve the way you communicate about yourself, get comfortable and aligned with what you share and showcase. 

  • 1-1 meetings

  • Profile Writing

  • LinkedIn Basics/Advanced Training

Leadership Coaching

Build on your Strengths and Talent

Get awareness on your strengths and how to leverage it to reach your professional objectives.

  • 1-1 Coaching Sessions

  • Interview Training

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

Communications Strategy and Plan

Stick to your business objectives

Clarify your vision and plan the steps to move forward with your Communications and Branding Strategy.

  • Communications Strategy and Plan.

  • Contents Production

  • 1-1 and Teams Coaching