Coaching Programs

We combine communications expertise and coaching techniques to support your performance and accompany you whenever you need us.

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For CEO and Executives

To perform even better

Get advice and support in confidence to meet a specific challenge or deal with a particular situation, to overcome obstacles, to manage relationships in your environment. We create a safe space for you to share and think out of the box. On a daily basis, for a certain period of time, we are flexible and committed to be at your side whenever you need our services.

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For Entrepreneurs

To grow sustainable business

We teach you how to manage smart communications plans, aligned to your marketing objectives, by saving time and effort. We guide you identifying and implementing communication actions that match your marketing objectives. We help you communicate clearly about your products or services by sharing online strategic contents to increase your chances of generating leads and getting customers. We help you gain confidence in yourself by using your personal brand as a strategic asset for your business.

Architect at Work

For Job Seekers

To find out your own career path

Give people a chance to know who you are and how they could benefit from your talent!  We help you gain confidence in yourself by highlighting your strengths and value that drive your motivation to perform better. We teach you how to leverage networking platforms like Linkedin to improve your chance to meet the right people and seek your next job opportunity.

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Coaching in Groups

Share with your peers and benefit from expert guidance and feebacks. Enjoy the high level of energy you will draw out from this dynamic workshops.

Communications for Representatives

Communications Rules within Global Organizations

Get an overview of corporate communication and stakeholder management in global organizations and a better understanding of communication processes and guidelines. In this session, we explore through case study analysis the best practices and tools in different situations that a company or brand needs to communicate.

Public Speaker

Communications for Sales People

Be more compelling to close the deal

Get Communications Skills and Technics to improve the Way you speak to your Customers and Prospects and increase your Chance to close the Deal on the Spot. Learn how to build Long-term Relationships and how expand your Business Network by using techniques and tools on Social Media and platforms like Linkedin

In Meeting

Communications for Coms Officers

Show the value of Communication for Buisness

Get the Communications Fundamentals, Concepts and Key Points through the diverse Communications' areas Exploration. Learn how to manage Communications Projects related to the Company's Challenge in different contexts like crisis, new deals, partnerships, customers management. Develop skills and knowledge in interpersonal relationship and how to deal with internal and external stakeholders.

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